The Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide

Author : 
Matt Wright, Antony Reynolds
Publisher : 
Packt Publishing

The Oracle SOA Suite is a large and complex piece of software. The Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide by Matt Wright and Antony Reynolds provides a hands-on guide on how to actually use the Oracle SOA Suite in the implementation of real-world SOA applications.

Initially, the book presents an in-depth look at the components of the SOA Suite, specifically ESB, BPEL, Rule, BAM. It then proceeds into a discussion of specific areas that need to be considered when developing a SOA based solution, such as the design of the service contract, validation, error handling or message interaction patterns. The remainder of the book covers the packaging, deployment, and testing of SOA applications. Last but not least, it also provides details on how to use Web Service Manager to secure and administer SOA applications.

Throughout the book, Oracle JDeveloper is used as the primary development tool to build applications for deployment into the SOA Suite. The book provides a working example of an online auction site that is practical and help developers and architects get started. The code samples can be downloaded. All examples are built on version of the Oracle SOA Suite. In general, the author does an excellent job of speaking about SOA in a very structured and clear way. I found the book straightforward and easy to read.

To conclude, the Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide is a well-structured and easy-to-understand book. This book will provide the reader with a good feel for each of the components of the Oracle SOA Suite and how to use them. The best way to understand the products and the concepts is to use them, and this is without doubt one of the best resources available. I highly recommend this book to all practitioners of Oracle SOA Suite.


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