IwayCloud Containers

IwayCloud Containers is one of the three basic pillars on which IwayCloud stands. It provides a unique environment for your programmers. Develop applications faster and always be one step ahead with an environment that combines the best of leading platforms.

The basis of our solution is the connection of two important platforms Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. Thanks to this connection, a modern infrastructure is created, which helps to increase the productivity of your employees' application development, while the IT operation remains as flexible as possible.

„Flexibile Cloud solutions at your fingertips.“


Meet IWAYcloud Container 

  • created on the basis of a stable Cloud Foundry Container Runtime open source project
  • IwayCloud Containers is based on the Cloud Foundry Container Runtime, certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation under the Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification Program
  • uses the stable open source distribution of Kubernetes
  • within the Kubernetes cluster enables in any cloud infrastructure using the Cloud Foundry BOSH tool: deployment, administration or upgrade
  • automated deployment, scaling, patching and updating of all Kubernetes clusters online without downtime
  • flexible and fast application of security patches
  • flexible deployment of Kubernetes privately "on-premise" using vSphere or in public clouds
  • uses the capabilities of Cloud Foundry BOSH to ensure reliable and consistent operation
  • exhibits and integrates services through the Open Service Boker API and the Kubernetes catalog of services
  • supported and developed by IwayCloud technical support

A key component of IwayCloud Containers is BOSH, which has the ability to communicate with any infrastructure, including virtualization and cloud. It can determine which virtual servers it can use, defines storage or network configuration, and is able to request infrastructure from these resources. It then installs an BOSH agent on each virtual server. BOSH then sends individual commands and tasks to be executed through the agent.

Using dual orchestration - BOSH against Infrastructure and Kubernetes against containers, our solution allows you to:

  • orchestrate containers through Kubernetes
  • plan and perform tasks in virtual machines via BOSH (so-called Kubernetes nodes)
  • perform so-called zero downtime upgrades or to perform the upgrades of the Kubernetes platform without downtime

For more information please cntact us at  iwaycloud@interway.sk

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