New in WebJET 8

Content management system WebJET 8 embodies 14 years of experience in one package. The new version includes a new interface, which is a perfect time saver and an effective streamliner.

why to upgrade to  WebJET 8

  • Even easier website management
  • New transparent interface enhanced by advanced technologies
  • Responsive version of CMS
  • Drag&drop files and folders or use keyboard shortcuts
  • Mobile application for each CMS WebJET 8
  • Multiple filtering in table views
  • Enhanced usability and easier access to information
  • Speed, speed, speed


New interface, enhanced usability

The new version of content management system WebJET differs at the very first sight from its previous version. User interface has been completely changed; it introduces more transparent management of your webpages.  Its modern design has been enhanced with new features that will make your work easier.

Instantly accessible editor

Waiting to edit your webpage is definitely a past experience. The new editor ensures smooth loading of website content and toolbar. Watch a short demonstrative video here.

Copy images directly to the editor

Working with images has never been easier. Upload them with just one mouse drag - drag&drop, or copy the images from Word together with the text. Watch a short demonstrative video here.

Quick user interface

One of the key features of the new version is its speed. We focused on the most commonly  used features, such as listing and editing of websites, filters, clicking through the sections of the cms, and the like.

Live thumbnails of embedded applications

Forget about the parts of the code in your website content! Provided you use one of the application (e.g.: photo gallery, RSS) you will see a live thumbnail directly in the editor. Watch a short video here.

New file manager

We have implemented a new file manager, like the one you know from a common computer environment. We simplified working with files and folders; you can use drag&drop or keyboard shortcuts. Watch a short demonstrative video here.

Integrated collaboration tools

WebJET 8 allows you to communicate with other administrators of your websites through live chat; or, you can appoint collective tasks in an integrated ToDo list. The system can be connected to helpdesk to manage and record requirements for the supplier (InterWay, jsc.)

CMS always with you

Do you sometimes need to modify your website on mobile or tablet? We have added a responsive version to the CMS modern graphics, so you can use the system anywhere and at any mobile device with no restrictions.

To provide you with even more comfort, we offer a mobile application for phones using iOS and Android systems. This simple mobile application allows you to modify basic things on your website: you can edit texts, add news and photos, manage files, etc.

  • If you are interested in the new version of  CMS WebJET 8, more details or a trial, please contact our Sales Department.

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