Your project management can be done easier with WebJET DSK. Detailed reports on projects, tasks, rates, expenses, costs and the logged time on tasks. Increase employee efficiency and maximize the efficiency of the overall workflow.WebJET DSK

  Manage projects and tasks quickly, easily and efficiently

WebJET DSK is a tool developed for effective project management. It will take your project management over to a whole new dimension, whether in terms of cost savings or efficiency and implementation of projects and tasks.



Have the entire project management under control, from the price offer to the handover of the project implementation. Communicate via WebJET DSK internally with your colleagues, but also externally with your customers.

By deploying WebJET DSK you gain these following benefits:

  • Detailed overview of projects
  • Quick overview of tasks
  • Adaptation to your needs
  • Bookmarking
  • A simple solution for complex projects
  • Accelerated creation of project teams
  • Fast implementation of the system into your company


  • Individual parameters set up for each project according to preferences.
  • Granting access to projects and tasks only to those employees whom the taska are assigned to.
  • Prioritizing tasks (highest to lowest).
  • Changing the status of individual tasks.
  • Assigning rates to employees = correctly set and evaluated labor cost.
  • Monitoring expenses and profitability.
  • Monitoring time spent on specific tasks allows you to easy report logged time.
  • Communicating with clients in up to 4 ways - by phone, email, web interface and contact form -all of these are assigned to specific tasks as a comment.
  • Project management with WBS, Kanban or Gantt chart tools.

Helpdesk, service desk as the main tool of your project management

Logged time monitoring

At the beginning of the work on the task, the solver starts the stopwatch of the task and stops the stopwatch after the end of the work. The length of time worked is recorded in the calendar.

Costs and expenses monitoring

Set hourly rates for each employee individually - based on the logged time, you can monitor costs and expenses over time.

Parameter settings

As each project is unique, so are its settings - you can determine the individual code lists of priorities, task statuses, rates, types of requests and other parameters according to your own or client's preferences.

Overview of projects and tasks

You can keep track of all projects on the dashboard, which will show you the status of your projects and tasks at a glance.

Links between tasks

Use the most effective and popular tools for project management - Gantt chart, Kanban or WBS and monitor the links between individual tasks as well as their status.

Risk Management

Be on the lookout for risks. Categorize them into a risk matrix designed to eliminate the undesirable tendency to resort to midpoints. Each risk entry in the database will help you with the final risk assessment after the end of the project.

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