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Cloud Broker Solution

Cloud Broker provides the intelligence for deriving added value from cloud services of various cloud platforms either for own consumption or for further reselling. Many nitty-gritty aspects need to be handled under the hood when it comes to managing the use of cloud services, monitoring their performance and SLA and these matters only gain complexity with the time. Our Cloud Broker solution aims to alleviate this complexity and help you get to leverage the multi-cloud benefits with ease.

  • Cloud broker will be the platform for an easier integration and will be supportive with your current infrastructure investments
  • Solution will provide the toolset needed for better portability of your services
  • Multi-cloud deployments managed with the cloud broker will lead to increased business continuity

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Migration to Cloud

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Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is the result of combination of internal and external services use, the most commonly leveraging private and public cloud services, to increase IT agility thus supporting needed business outcome. Accepting the risks of the public cloud services led to architecture designs that enable interconnecting internal solutions and data with external commodity cloud services.

  • We will help you devise a strategy for incremental adoption of new and agile cloud services to make your current internal IT infrastructure modern and effective
  • We will accelerate your implementation of the production level Hybrid IT solution without a major downtime of your IT services and operations

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Cloud Platforms

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