Cloud Broker Solution

Cloud Broker Solution

The main objective of Cloud Service Broker is to help the users to choose the appropriate cloud services, given their specific functional and non-functional requirements and within their budgetary constraints, and potentially repurpose them as needed. With Cloud Broker solution, an organization can govern its own service catalogue and provide these services internally to their departments or externally to their partners and customers.

We have been working on such brokerage system internally for more than 6 years, having several iterations of the platforms built and used. One of the first cloud broker solution deployed at customer site was ISS – Integrated System of Services at Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information. The mission of SCSTI is to contribute to science and research promotion in Slovakia, particularly through building and operation of complex information systems developed for research and development. The SCSTI mission is supported via whole range of activities and services, this institute provides to academia and research institutes across the whole country. The ISS system serves a role of cloud service brokerage and integration platform, leveraging its smart service governance automation and advanced enterprise integration capabilities. From the end-user perspective, one can register into a self-service portal and browse through the services from the central catalog, make an order, and the ISS takes care of orchestrating the processes for order handling, service provisioning, and possible associated human tasks and incident management.

Another important reference is our successful participation in European “Cloud for Europe” (C4E) project as a clear proof of our capabilities in the area of Cloud Computing and Service Brokerage. Our C4E participation, as a leader of the established consortium, covered 2 lots out of 3 - specifically: Federated Certified Service Brokerage (FCSB) and Secure Legislation Aware Storage. The FCSB solution aims to create an interconnected network of intelligent service brokerage systems to help to build federated cloud marketplace, capable of dynamic management of cloud services in the context of European cross-border e-Government action plan as defined in EC’s Digital Single Market initiative.

There are six main challenges for the FCSB lot to be addressed and they are grouped in the three main lot-specific requirements: Interoperability, Service Certification and Legislation and regulation. The Broker solution will be established at the national level and will have the authority to govern a central catalogue of certified cloud services and all the processes related to cloud service certification, acquisition and reliable operation. This catalogue will, in addition to services acquired at national level, also include mediated certified services from other countries and will unify service categorization and certification, and legislative compliance taxonomy.

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