Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT

Every industry and business is unique, but for most purposes the following are the three main motivational factors that directly drive the use of Hybrid IT acceptance:

  • Dynamics of internal processes and business growth - agility in the use of innovative products and services to supply the increase in demand, whether of periodic character or during the phases of rapid growth.
  • Business differentiation versus supporting services - the aim is to retain ownership of the data and services that are most important to your business and that differentiate you in the market, outsourcing the support services (such as e-mail, …) via external service providers.
  • Legal and regulatory factors - use of public cloud-in may be limited if you operate in a regulated industry where the risks involved can be more significant and may also have specific legal consequences.

Preserving business logic and consistency and availability of information are the key factors in a successful implementation of any Hybrid IT approach. To achieve the desired state depends on the successful system integration and subsequent operational management of resulted complex solution of integrated services and applications. These are some of implementation examples of Hybrid IT solutions:

Example #1

The existing information system of the customer already incorporates some integration capabilities which can cover the needed integration implementation. InterWay implements the required parts for integration scenarios over a secure channel and delivers the necessary services according the provided requirements on a scalable cloud infrastructure capable of required level of elasticity, and high availability.

Example #2

The existing information system needs to be integrated with an existing Cloud service (accounting, document management system, etc.), But the customer does not have integration bus or other means to implement the integration. InterWay implements and delivers complete integration platform over highly secure connection to the external cloud service.

The actual deployment of a specific Hybrid IT solution is a complex task and its success depends on a comprehensive application of the proper level of integration in several areas as B2B, application, and data area. The adopters of the Hybrid IT approaches will be reward with flexible, efficient and effective use of IT services.

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