Consulting services

Discover your possibilities

We help our customers using the latest technologies to develop their businesses, dynamic and efficient innovation of their product and services.

We help our customers with finding solutions and possible alternatives that facilitate the work of their employees in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive information system,
  • Design of integration platform,
  • Design of IT infrastructure,
  • BPM,
  • Design of intranet portal or
  • Its mobile version.

High quality consulting services are based on the knowledge of our specialists, our certifications, knowledge of the market and of the latest trends in the field. Our customers are public and regional administration bodies, telecommunication operators, banks, insurance companies and network industry businesses.

Secure communication and information systems for force departments

Specialized solutions

We are reliable and a long-term supplier of specialized solutions for national and international force departments.

We design and deliver special software solutions, such as application integration and professional social network. We introduce ideas and help with innovative and optimizing activities. We create prototype solutions based on the customer´s specifications. Special solutions are designed mainly using Microsoft and Oracle technologies.


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