Development and integration

We develop software to meet your specific needs and requirements

Tailor-made software development is preceded by several steps. The development itself is one of the procedures of a high quality tailor-made software that meets your needs:

  • Analysis
  • Specification
  • Solution design
  • Development, customization, integration
  • Testing
  • Implementation

Software development is a core service of our company. When developing software for our customers, we utilize our experiences gained while working on numerous projects during the past years.  Our project team uses PRINCE2 and SCRUM project management methodologies and standards. The key objective of each project is to optimize resources, minimize risks and maximize benefits for customers. Development methodology is supported by continuous integration methods. Services and processes use the best practices and frameworks RUP, ITIL, COBIT, TOGAF and Archimate.

Our team of specialists implements highly comprehensive projects in different fields, whether it is a private or public sector. 


Customer is the key

The customer and their specific requirements are the key points of the project implementation. We do not simply comply with customer´s requirements, we provide them with optimization leading to more efficient use of the solution with regards to the operational cost reduction in the future. This is a greatly appreciated and valued service.

In design and implementation, we use the most advanced technologies and methods that are customized to meet the needs and conditions of our customers.

Our customers are offered professional services of our top specialists; the services cover the entire product lifecycle including consulting services, analyses, architecture design, implementation and integration of the solution, support, and even its operation, if requested.

Our objective is not only a successful implementation of the solution but also a satisfied customer appreciating our services from the beginning to the end of the process.

Benefits of a tailor-made software

  • Optimize your costs
    A tailor-made software will optimize your streamlining, reduce HR costs, improve productivity, accelerate processes, and reduce costs and fees 
  • Manage your profit
    Manage your profits in a responsible way; keep a concise overview of streamlining, the data and information flow, production, and of any kind of processes and sections.
  • Innovate your company
    A tailor-made software will give a particular structure to your company. It will provide your employees with an easy access to various collaboration tools and enhance their know-how exchange.
  • Automate processes
    Simply manage the processes by automated technologies customized to different environments, programmes and systems. Do it quickly and easily, and above all, the way you need it!
  • Protect your data
    A tailor-made software can be customized to meet your needs, whether it is a required registration to systems or automated hardware protection and specialized security systems.
  • Your specifications = Your specific tailor-made software
    Each development of a specific tailor-made software is a challenge, which we are pleased to accept; we are even more pleased by seeing the benefits brought by our solutions to our clients.


CVTI SR finds InterWay to be a reliable partner to implement innovative solutions. Using a new Integrated Services System (ISS CVTI SR) CVTI SR provides scientific and research community with various infrastructure services based on information and communication technologies of Data Centre for Science and Research (DC VaV), aimed mainly at availability of specialized software applications as well as data repository services.

Mgr. Juraj Noge, Head of Information systems development section, CVTI SR

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