Mobile applications

Mobile application
takes more than a mobile

Functional mobile application takes more than the application itself. It is also about the environment. High quality and functionality mobile applications must meet and take into account the following:

  • The need for database repositories
  • Data management via the web application
  • High availability and accessibility
  • Functionality and data correctness
  • Scalability – for instance, if expanding to foreign markets
  • Suitable interface
  • Easy administration
  • Securing the data correctness – for instance, if the number of users increases
  • Multiplatform applications

All under one roof

We provide our clients with full-service:

  • We create www sites
  • We develop interfaces for user portals
  • We provide concise administration
  • We create quality mobile applications for iOS and Android

A correct and functional mobile application need the data to keep it alive. The data stored in a secured server environment. Common examples would be the applications displaying info about the goods and services, their current availability and office locations on the maps. Mobile communication communicates a huge amount of data to users. We specialize in development of data-oriented mobile applications.


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Be as close to your customers as possible – be in their pocket, handbag, or, even better, be right in their hand!

  • Mobile tailor-made applications for  iOS and Android
  • E-shop in mobile
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Social networks
  • Music, videos, photos, tutorials
  • And anything you wish for!

10 reasons why you need the application, too!

  • Personalisation
    Get under the skin of your customers! Mobile device is almost 24/7 with your customer.
  • Interactivity
    Interactive applications are incredibly attractive for customers.
  • Building loyalty
    This is a long-term benefit for your company. A satisfied customer is a goal of each business.
  • Making your brand more powerful
    A business using a mobile application becomes sexy and trendy. Each user downloading the application will be able to use it anywhere and anytime.
  • Comprehensive calculation/reporting
    Applications for sales representatives, various calculators and useful applications for employees/customers.
  • Inexpensive and efficient advertising
    You are always connected with your customers; you are instantly reaching out to your target group with the latest news.
  • Tracking customers’ behaviour
    Measure factors of behaviour of your customers, and with regards to the results, subsequently adapt your applications.
  • Useful and timely information
    Customers will appreciate instant access to important news
  •  A modern business monitors the trends and increase in the number of mobile devices users.
  • There is even more...


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