Service desk and support

Operation and support of your IS

For operation and support of your information system we ensure:

  • Availability – we provide services related to elimination of problems related to the loss of availability of services and applications in information system infrastructure
  • Maintenance – we provide services related to mandatory prophylactic interventions – inspection and maintenance
  • Consultancy – we provide technical and specialised consulting services
  • Trainings –  we provide technical and specialised trainings
  • Consolidation – we provide specialised works related to the database environment (D), operational systems and virtualisation platform (OS), integration platform (MW) and application environment (APP)

Application and integration environment of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

InterWay, jsc., designed and  implemented an application and integration environment of MoD SR. The objective was to simplify processes for planned use of integration platform using high availability of systems, and to streamline the central governance. API MoD SR deals with administrative processes, planning and governance of the ministry in the existing non-classified environment.


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