Charity Thursdays in InterWay

Employee's creative market in InterWay

Not only the InterWay as a company has participated in charity but also their employees joined a charity event called Charity Thursdays.  During the four Thursdays, four teams of employees prepared a corporate creative market, in which the employees were selling their products, such as cakes, tarts, muffins, various sweet delights and hand-made products. 

The proceeds were contributed to four different organizations and individuals.  The total sum  was more than € 2.100, which was donated to a non-profit organization Centrum Slniecko, to the basic school in Martin University Hospital in Martin, to an anonymous abused family under the protection of Centrum Slniecko and to one of our employees to help to support the operation of her little daughter.  

We love to help, and this event was one of the most wonderful ones; it unveiled a secret creative passion of our employees and proved that each one of them has a caring heart, for which we are very thankful. Thank you all!

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