Junior Achievement Slovakia - JA Slovensko

Experience leads to success!

Junior Achievement Slovakia is the leader in entrepreneurial education in Slovakia. They aim to connect schools and business sector; they support talent, creativity and innovation. JA Slovakia is a part of JA Worldwide, a worldwide network consisting of 123 countries, in which the students are allowed to put into practice their entrepreneurship skills and ideas, and start their first business at the international market. 

Ja Slovensko - Skúsenosťou k úspechu

JA Slovensko has a number of successful achievements worth mentioning: over 280.000 graduates of their training programmes; each year more than 600 Slovak schools and more than 600 professionals from the business sector are involved and contribute to create a high-standard business, economic and financial environment. 

Therefore we are proud to be a part of an excellent idea “Experience leads to success!”, which becomes highly appreciated  in schools and in business sector. InterWay – we love to help!

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