Spring Beautification of Bratislava

We do care about Bratislava - the hometown of our company!

The project Spring Beautification of Bratislava mainly seeks to plant the new greenery and addresses the lack of maintenance of green areas in the city centre. Among other objectives, such as to beautify selected places in Bratislava, the project promotes the idea of quality conceptual maintenance of public spaces in the city.

Annual and very popular “Spring Beautification of Bratislava”, during which the volunteers tidy up the public spaces and plant new greenery, is of a great inspiration to us and we are proud to be partners of this project. We love to help!

We do care about the looks of OUR CITY! Bratislava Beautification Society is a civic association of residents and supporters of Bratislava. It continues the traditions of the original Pressburger Beautification Society established in 1868.

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