Software development specialists

We develop and supply high-quality software solutions. We are dedicated to improving the already deployed systems as well as designing and implementing comprehensive ready-to-use solutions.


CVTI SR finds InterWay to be a reliable partner to implement innovative solutions. Using a new Integrated Services System (ISS CVTI SR) CVTI SR provides scientific and research community with various infrastructure services based on information and communication technologies of Data Centre for Science and Research (DC VaV), aimed mainly at availability of specialized software applications as well as data repository services.

Mgr. Juraj Noge, Head of Information systems development section, CVTI SR

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Cloud computing and system integration

We link different systems and applications into one unit; we help to choose and deploy the appropriate platform. We create advanced hybrid cloud-based solutions.


In Italy, InterWay has started to cooperate with University of Messina, LiberoLogico, and Team Net, a Romanian company. The project Cloud for Europe offers advantages for the entire Europe. The same model can be applied in Italy, Slovakia, Great Britain, France, - simply anywhere in Europe. The same visuals, forms, cloud solutions can be used in the public administration of individual countries across Europe.

Professor Massimo Villari, professor in IT sciences at University of Messina, IT

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Consultancy: Expert advice and consulting services

We help our customers to use the latest technologies and develop their businesses, dynamic and efficient innovation of their product and services. Our certified specialists provide high-quality consulting services.


Currently, the company employs a professional team of qualified specialists, certified experts and a certified team with a security clearance “Secret” (NATO, EU, National) working in individual company branches involved in various specialized projects.

Ing. Petr Weber, director general/president/CEO, InterWay, jsc.

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Professional online solutions

We are among the most significant Slovak companies providing online IT solutions. Hundreds of successfully implemented projects and a long-time cooperation with clients from various brands is the best proof of our quality.


Rebranding was a great challenge for us; it was about a lot of work in a very short time. With the help of InterWay, we managed not only to comply with deadlines, but we have also improved our website.

Lukáš Řeřicha, Manager of Direct Channel Development, NN insurance and retirement services company

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We develop own products

Based on extensive experiences and many years of product development as well as helpful feedback from our clients, we are able to offer to our clients our own products: CMS WebJET, DMS Greeny, Intranet, Intelimail and eLearning.


We have been cooperating with InterWay since 2007, the year we implemented the first version of our web “Prvá stavebná sporiteľna, a. s.”. With Interway, we managed a complex redesign of our web in 2012; e.g.: redesign and reconstruction of particular web sections, search for sales representative offices, calculators, implementation of a responsive web version. Our cooperation was not strengthened only by big projects but also by solutions of smaller tasks, will to answer each and every of our numerous questions and ability of InterWay to provide us with prompt solutions. This year, we are embarking another redesign based on a proposal of a skilful team of InterWay.

Jana Jéghová, an online and marketing specialist, Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, a. s.

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Our employees are regularly certified by partner organizations: Partnerské spoločnosti


Professional team of certified specialists with security clearance for “Secret”: Naše certifikáty

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