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An integral part of the comprehensive services we supply is also our customer support department, which ensures the successful solution of any problem or requirement. Experienced specialists will help you with a comprehensive process of preparation of documents, they will manage and process your requirements and they will inform you regularly with each step.




Each of our clients has a dedicated specialist who will always guarantee that your request or problem will be processed in the shortest possible time and will be resolved in the right hands.


In addition, our ticketing system is the InterWay Service Desk
available virtually everywhere, all you need is an internet connection. If the situation requires it, we can also handle you responsibly by phone or email.


If you expect an above-standard approach to solving your problems and requirements, we can also provide response outside normal business hours, adapt processes to your company's actions and practices, or integrate the communication process with your information systems.


In our company, we use modern tools that guarantee all parties involved a clear, simple and constant information on the steps to be taken to solve your request or solve a problem.


  • As part of our long-term cooperation with our strong business partners in the field of IT software and hardware, we provide services related to the performance of prescribed and recommended prophylactic interventions - inspection and maintenance and high-value service support products (DELLEMC, Microsoft, VMware and Oracle).

  • We provide services of professional work related to the database environment (D), operating systems, virtualization platform (OS), integration platform (MW) and application environment (APP).

  • Last but not least, we provide our company with extensive and regular technical and professional training on many technologies, hardware as well as software. If you plan to undergo technological and software modernization in your company, we will train your employees to work efficiently and with modern tools.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the normal process for handling a request in the customer department?

After sending the request, it immediately reaches our support specialists, who process all the necessary information within a few minutes and prepare the assignment for our developers. You are constantly informed of each step and, if necessary, we can provide you with further details and change and obtain the necessary information to further address your request. You have the whole process under scrutiny and you can continuously check and test changes or modifications to your system.

How long will I have to wait for my request to be resolved?

When using our ServiceDesk, we guarantee you an immediate response and acceptance of your request within a few minutes of sending it. Our support specialists will prepare the necessary documents for your request so that the necessary information for a successful solution reaches the hands of the developers. We plan change requests at weekly intervals in order to efficiently allocate capacities and thus address each request with the same quality and long enough to resolve it.

How long will I have to wait to resolve the issue?

We will address your issue promptly and promptly upon receipt of the error report and resolve it within a few hours based on the seriousness and complexity. (* a prerequisite is a signed contract for the provision of professional services)

Will the solution be professional enough?

We constantly improve the processes of our company and educate our employees, we obtain certificates for work in technology, HW and SW, so that we can supply you with only the highest quality solutions in the shortest possible time.

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Take advantage of the possibility of integrating our products with your information system to achieve its maximum potential. All our solutions are fully compatible with our products. If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of our products, visit the product pages.

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