Electronization Of Autonomous City Pezinok

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Client: Pezinok City

Company InterWay have created complex information system for access and secure general usage of all compulsory electronic services together with creation of conditions for implementation of other arbitrary and optional electronic services, which can Pezinok City offer to anyone.

Quality Back- office

Services are thanks to help of built IS to form of Integrated Information System of Pezinok city and through components of ÚPVS available for citizens, entrepreneurs and public institutes and state administration. Solution for implemented project will secure a completion and sustainable development of high quality back – office, supporting power of key processed on local level of autonomy in accordance with NKIVS. 


Established electronic services in accordance with concept of provided electronic services of state administration on central level. Implementation of project was has been created uniform central solution for OzVP city as a uniform data consistent source of data information about city and its activities.

20 eGovernment services as a part of system supply are available. For citizens and entrepreneurs are rom the location available electronic forms, which can be citizen, entrepreneur electronical signed and sent for resolution.

This electronic form is fully-valued variant of filing it in letter form. Company InterWay within project offers modul systems – own products:  CMS system WebJet, DMS Greeny, it covers all integration works – integration on ÚPVS, extern register and state systems as well as integration on existing systems of autonomous and project management.


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